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August 28, 2022: Praise God for miracles of healing! One lady received a miracle of healing from pain in her legs this morning! I also received a text before church this morning from a brother that no longer has any cancer in his body! Two weeks ago, he had an inoperable tumour! The doctors checked three times because they couldn't believe it was gone! 

September 7, 2022: Last Saturday, I received a call from brother Jeff McGlade, asking me to come quickly to pray for him as he had broken his leg. When I arrived, he said, "Don't pray for me yet, I want medical proof!" We went to the hospital, and x-rays confirmed he had indeed broken his fibula. The technical term is a lateral malleolus fracture, and recovery is usually 6 to 8 weeks, but God! I can testify to the fact that he was in extreme pain and unable to put any weight whatsoever on that leg. He had a temporary cast put on, and was given crutches. That night, he came to prayer meeting EXPECTING to be healed, and God took away the majority of his pain! Sunday morning, he asked for prayer before service, and God took away the pain, and Jeff cut off the cast, put his shoe back on, and by the time service was over was running, jumping and even carrying his 2-year-old son around! Yesterday, we even went rock climbing together! Our God is awesome!

September 11, 2022: God has done it again! Bro. Gerard came to church needing the aid of crutches after twisting his knee this week at a job site. After prayer, he had no more pain! Congratulations to Junior, who was baptized in wonderful name of Jesus Christ this morning! We also want to wish a warm welcome to all of our guests and new folks this morning!

Just as I was composing this post, a gentleman that was bedridden in the hospital messaged me to say that after we prayed for him a few days ago, he is now up, walking and starting to recover! Praise God!