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(See our previous post for information about what we are doing as a church to prevent the spread of Covid 19).


We are postponing all house churches for time being in order to enable physical distancing. Mid-week Bible Study will be hosted at by Pastor Mitch. God bless!


Hello everyone! I trust that you are safe and trusting the Lord through our current world crisis. God is good, and he will help you through this current Covid 19 situation! This a friendly reminder that we will be broadcasting service Sunday mornings at All recordings of our broadcasts will be uploaded to our website in case you are not a Facebook user at Despite an earlier decision to hold evening service, we will be taking ALL SUNDAY SERVICES ONLINE ONLY. This decision was not made lightly but follows the recommendation of public health officials, doctors, and concerns about having too many in attendance. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem! That said, if you need the support of the church at this time we are here for you! If you need prayer, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Contact Pastor Mitch McQuinn @ 705-822-1897

MARCH 19, 2020

In times like these, it is important to remember that Jesus warned us that there will be pestilences, but also that we are not to be afraid. While we should follow the precautions recommended by our public health officials, we must not give in to fear by panic buying or hoarding items. If you are self-isolating and need someone to pick up items for you, we have had some people volunteer to help already. This crisis offers the church a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the love of God to our community with courage and compassion. If you would like to help in any way, please let me know.

Although we are encouraging "social distancing," beware of social isolation. Stay connected!


Here is the schedule for the next few weeks:

Sunday Morning:

 We will be cancelling Sunday morning service only. However, we will offer the service online on our Facebook page at

Sunday Night:

Service as usual since we never have over 50; however, we will still monitor attendance and make sure.

House Church:

Attlee Continues as usual.

Wednesday night at the church will be in the sanctuary for the purpose of social distancing for those uncomfortable with the close environment of homes.

The Valley House church is postponed until further notice.

Downtown is moving to Sis. Donna's at APT 7 Prestigious Place on Notre Dame.

We are suggesting house churches not serve food for the time being as a precaution.


A.C.T.S. Classes are cancelled until further notice.


Youth Service:

This Friday night as usual. 


Class as usual on Saturday, however, the prophecy debate is postponed. We will broadcast the classes as usual for those that cannot be present.

We will continue to use technology to enhance our connections with each other. If you are on Facebook, be sure to like our page. Updates and broadcasts are posted on our website at and we continue to post up to the minute information in Slack. If you are not in Slack, please download the app at and contact me directly for your invitation to join using your email address. I will also be posting live-streamed Bible Studies as I am able, primarily through Facebook, but they will be posted to the website as well. A recent survey indicated that our website is the preferred avenue for this sort of thing, so we will attempt to keep it as up to date as possible.

Thank you for your dedication and love for the Lord. Please remember to continue to support the work of God with your giving, especially our missionaries, as they are unable to travel to raise funds at the moment. The best way to give electronically is by email transfer to or by the website. You may also give at any of our house church meetings, or by mailing a cheque. 

Please remember that Jesus is our hope and our peace, and let Him be your strength!

If you have any questions, please fee to contact me.

God bless,

Pastor Mitch McQuinn