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June 8, 2020:

We have exciting news! The Ontario government announced today that churches can re-open, albeit with physical distancing measures still in place. For your health and safety, we will be sanitizing surfaces between each service. Seating will be rearranged to facilitate physical distancing, and we will monitor attendance to ensure compliance with the regulations. We are allowed up to 107 in attendance, so please come early for a good seat! We will offer more details soon!

June 10, 2020 Update:

What a difference a few days make! Just last Sunday, we were wondering if we would be able to open at all, and now we are planning to have service this Sunday!

In the building!

We will still need to follow physical distancing protocols, and we have volunteers cleaning the building this week, and we will sanitize surfaces between services. We will also be running the ventilation system to keep fresh air circulating. Hand sanitizer will be provided, though we encourage everyone to bring their own personal supply. 

You may find it helpful to wear a non-medical mask if you are concerned about spreading the virus. If you have symptoms of Covid 19, we are asking that you stay home until you feel better, and get tested. (Testing is the road out of lockdown). :) You can find information about how to protect others and yourself at Public Health Sudbury and Districts webpage:

With that said, please do not allow unnecessary fear keep you from attending service. We have not had a case in Sudbury for several weeks now, and they are projecting zero cases in Canada by August. It is time to celebrate the goodness of God and praise Him for bringing us through!

When it comes to transportation, we are encouraging everyone to use their own vehicle or public transport as much as possible. If you must ride with someone, please be courteous and wear a mask since physical distancing is not possible in that scenario.

Last but not least, I would like to say a special thank you to all of you who have come to pray (and work!) at the church this week! Please continue to pray for a successful re-opening and that God will continue to protect and bless our community.  You can still sign up using the link in my last email.

God bless and see you Sunday!

June 13 Update:

We have been given the opportunity and privilege of re-opening for in-person services! The following guidelines are based on the recommendations of public health, with extra measures recommended by our district leadership.

1. First of all, we are making every effort to follow public health recommendations regarding sanitizing and cleaning the facility. Thank you to everyone that has helped with cleaning this week! If you would like to be added to the volunteer schedule for cleaning, please let Sis. McQuinn know.

2. Physical distancing measures remain in effect, so we do ask that you come early, as there may be a lineup to enter and be seated. We will need to ensure that your attendance is recorded before you are seated to stay within capacity limits set by protocols. Seating is spread out to allow for 2m between seats. Families may be seated together, and if you have a formal circle, members of your circle can also sit with you, as this is an exception to physical distancing.

3. ALL attendees are asked to wear a mask or face covering to help protect our most vulnerable members. Please keep your face-covering in place while singing especially. Those on the platform are the only exception to this rule. We will also have exhaust fans running throughout the service to remove air-born particles.

4. There is no children's Sunday School this week, but we still have the adult class at 10, followed by our worship service at 11.

5. In order to prevent lineups at the washrooms, please feel free to go to the restrooms during service. Occupancy has been reduced to two women in the ladies' washroom at a time, and one gentleman in the men's.